Introduction :
The greatest need of all life is food (Anna)
The noble fulfillment of this need is the gift of food (Annadana)
Our biggest need in running the institution under the Trust is providing proper food for all the inmates all the year round.
To mobilize funds for this, the Trust has evolved 'Nitya Annadanam Scheme'
To perpetuate gratefully the sacred memory of a person whose kindness has made you what you are today.
To cherish your happy moments in your life.
To do a kind deed to someone who needs you all the time.
The Trust earnestly calls for participation by all philanthropists in the Annadanam Scheme.
Details of Annadanam Scheme :
You can donate a sum of Rs.500/ $ 15 only per year for serving a normal meal for the inmates of the ashram on a specific day of your choice.
Alternately, You can donate a sum of Rs.5000 / $ 125 only in a single instalment for serving meals for the inmates of the ashram life long, one day in the year.
All donations may please be made by crossed cheque or demand draft in favour of Sri Chayadevi Anathashrama Trust , Mysore against official receipts.
All donations and contributions are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G
Following Information to be furnished along with Donation
Name & Address of the Donor
Telephone / E-Mail & Cheque Particulars
Whose behalf Annadanam has to be made
Day / Date when Annadanam has to be made
Other ways of helping :
There are many ways you can help SCAT carry on its mission. However small your donation, it will help in securing a better future for the inmates of the Ashram.
Assistance in Kind
You can also donate in kind, in the form of furniture, equipment, craft materials, clothes, toys, medicines, food items etc.
On completion of layout the donors will be offered the choice to name after their dearer ones for facilities provided by them against payment fixed for the same.