Touching moments at our ashram :
Most touching moments at our old age home are passing away of our inmates. In spite of hectic search we fail to locate their survivors in Mysore or outside. Even when identified they ask us to go ahead with last rites. However sometimes we become all poll bearers and mourners at the site and finally light the pyre, collect the ashes and immense in the sacred river. Thus we play, many roles in the drama of death too. Our holy scriptures say "annam bahu kurveeta, tad vratam" [give food to many; that is your penance]. The sincere prayer of our inmates every day "Annadata Sukhee Bhava" [may the giver of food be ever happy] will surely be heard by God!
With these few words, we request you for magnanimous contributions to this task so that the helpless old and orphaned young may join the main stream of our society.
We are sure that you would agree that there can be no better service to the needy than the gift of food and shelter.
Please visit us whenever you are in City and feel the warmth of destitute children, share the feeling and wipe out the tears from the wrinkled faces of the inmates, bent with age.
Chethana (Physically challenged), Priyanka Shivaranjini (Mentally, Physically challenged)
We need your love & affection, above all your, support.
Please go through this lengthy message. If it touches your heart, then spread this message among your friends, kith & kin. It will be your additional contribution.
May 'GOD' bless you. Hari Om
Now are immediate requirement is to equip our building with necessary things like furniture, Solar heaters etc. To this end, we appeal to generous and noble minded persons and institutions like yourselves to help us with your generous donation, which carry an income tax exemption under Income Tax Act 80G (vide No.S-115/80G/CIT/MYS/2006 - 07 dated 15.11.2006 valid from 01.04.2006 to 31.03.2009). You can send your donation by cheque or DD in the name of "Sri Chayadevi Anathashrama Trust ". We submit that society alone has to make amends and atonements for its aberrations towards its children and helpless senior citizens. This is possible only by such noble and responsible members like you who are pillars of the society. This has made us bold to approach you.