Amazing instances of generosity :
A friend and colleague of one of the trustees by name Shri RamaKrishan in Delhi, recently expired. It appears he expressed a desire in his 'will' that the family should not spend on usual rituals. A Rs. 1000.00 should be handed over to our ashram towards Annadanam Scheme. According to his wish they were fed on the specific day.
A family from North Karnataka visited the Ashram, a few months ago, one of his daughters joined a M.N.C at Bangalore. After receiving her first month's salary she promptly came and deposited the entire amount for our orphanage.
A computer engineer from NIE Mr. Dilip recently joined INTEL Bangalore. His parents called on me and deposited the entire money received from his salary of more than Rs.5000.00.
A software engineer from Wipro working in Minneapolis contributed generously towards Annadanam.
A leading Doctor from India, working in UK at a leading hospital, contributed 150 towards Annadanam making it clear that it is from "Lord Srinivasa".
A software engineer Srinivasa working earlier in Wipro became a friend of one of the trustee at a hospital. He expressed a desire to visit Ashram. He promptly visited it with his family. He deposited Rs.12000.00 for purchase of gas geyser for old age home. He has also given standing instruction to ICICI Bank for transferring Rs.1500.00 every month.
One of the trustee visited USA recently. He contacted a businessman there and impressed him about the activities of ashram. This person has neither heard about it nor seen it. On trust of mere words he has donated $ 1000. The organization has sent him a letter acknowledging the amount with a sense of gratitude.
Infosys couple, Rashmi & Aravind seeing the video presentation on our orphanage, made a contribution of Rs.5000.00 for dolls making.
  Dolls made by our children
Our computer lab
Home of Hope USA's assistance in the form of food for orphanage is highly laudable. By providing computers, bunkers & washing machine they have helped the ashram.
A doctor from Boston, USA by name Srinivas readily donated Rs.13000.00 on the spot in USA when a trustee of the Ashram explained to him, in USA, about our Ashram and its plans.
Apart from this, Int. organizations like Rotary / Lion / Inner wheel Philanthrophist etc. are constantly helping us. Common man sometimes donates in the form of used clothes and left over drugs for the inmates. Such gestures touch the inner heart. Some of the donors do not want their names to be revealed!
It was on 10th March early morning, after satisfying herself about our functioning, Smt. "Sharadamma" walked into our orphange with a crossed cheque for Rs. 25000/- like any other, with tears dripping from her eyes. That generous contribution was a part of 'Terminal benefit' received by her on the passing away of her son R. Prakash, twelve years back. He was working as a 'Scientist' in a prestigious Indian organization, 'ISRO'. Sadly, she lost her husband two years back.
Such stories are bound to reverberate in our 'Dream House' and inspire the inmates, besides the young generation donors visiting ashram.
'May such Tribe increase'
The list is endless............ would you like to join the list?