On 18.04.2008 children had gone an outing to Nanjangud, Nimishimbha Temple & Krishna Sagar Dam. They visited Nanjundeshwara Temple and other small temples in Nanjangud and also visited Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Temple. They played in water in Nimishambha and enjoyed a lot. They liked Musical Fountain in KRS.
On 02.05.2008 There was a Cultural Program in Kalamandir, Mysore organised by BEML Employes where our children participated in Dancing and Singing. They won Some Prizes also.
On 15.05.2008 there was a cultural program conducted by Aproova Mahila Samaja in our Ashram Premises. They conducted some Bajans, Singing and Painting competetions.
On 20.07.2008, there was Inauguration of our website and also a fest "Chinnara Gudu" in our Ashram Premises where our childern participated in Greeting Competetion and Exhibition.